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Joining Free Grape Society is free and hassle-free. List your wines without any fees. Sell the wines you believe in, without any restrictions. After you have registered and created your business profile, you gain immediate access to start selling your products to any of the restaurants listed. As we expand to other countries the list continues to grow. Restaurants and wine expert can easily find your profile and buy directly from you. Plus you get access to wine experts/ sommeliers that can help you find suitable restaurants for your wines.
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This offers an exceptional opportunity for small and medium-sized wineries to showcase their businesses and wines to restaurants committed to offering a unique wine experience for their guests.
How it works. Our platform enables a direct connection between wineries and restaurants, allowing for greater transparency and control over your business. In order to make this a reality we've cut out the middle-man.
We calculate the cost of taxes and shipping costs. The price advertised to restaurants include both. When you receive an order, pack the products and schedule a pick up with your logistics partner and register it in the regulatory system EMCS.
When the shipment is sent, you invoice Free Grape Society AB. We're responsible for paying alcohol tax and to make sure the buyer pay for the order. Any complaints are handled by Free Grape Society. Free Grape Society is a registered supplier with the Swedish state alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget. When they announce that they are looking for a particular wine that matches one of yours, we'll present it to them. Win-win!
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