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Discover a new way to access unique wines. We're building a community connecting restaurants with ambitious wine makers across Europe. Our online tech platform opens up another world of wine with access to new wine regions and greater diversity, many not previously available in your area.
As we expand you'll discover newly added vineyards weekly, offering ready-to-ship wines. Let us know which vineyard you'd like to see on the platform and we'll reach out to them to join.
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Ready to revolutionize your wine offer? Sign upp for a free account today and start exploring.
How it works. Get started by creating a free account for your restaurant, and immediately discover winemakers and wines that are relevant for you and your guests. You place your order on our platform and the winery will ship it directly to your restaurant. All price quotes featured on the site include shipping and any applicable taxes.
On our platform, you'll also have access to wine experts and sommeliers who can assist you in finding suitable wines for your needs. And, if you know of a vineyard that you deem to be a good fit for Free Grape Society, please let us know.
You will be invoiced from Free Grape Society AB with net 30 days payment terms. Free Grape Society is responsible for paying alcohol tax and paying the wineries for the wine that you have ordered. Any reclamations etc. are handled by Free Grape Society. We take care of all of the boring stuff so you can focus on running your entity!
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